Nightmare Phase Two: Laying Tile

Well, it’s about time I finally do this post. We actually completed laying this tile in November, but I kept putting off doing this post, because if I wrote it I would feel obligated to actually start grouting. Since the grouting finally started last weekend, I may as well get this post out there in […]

Nightmare Phase One: Pouring Self-Leveling Concrete

So it’s finally time for me to begin the series of trials that we had to brave in order to successfully install the new tile floor in our living room. First up, subfloor preparation. I.E. pouring self leveling concrete. I.E. a messy, repetitive hell. Now, you may not need to do much extra work to […]

DIY Floating Entertainment Shelving

Well, it’s been quite a while since I did an update for everybody. As it turns out, we probably need to invest in a generator. We lost power last Friday again, but we didn’t get it back until Tuesday morning. It kind of pushed back anything that we were hoping to get done last weekend, […]

Track Lighting in Our Living Room

We’ve been working hard on our currently torn apart living room. One of the updates that we’re doing that I’m most excited about is the addition of overhead track lighting. We priced the lighting we wanted at Home Depot and Lowe’s and just so everybody knows, Lowe’s came in $60 cheaper. So, yeah. Awesome. Matt […]

Floods Or How Water and Carpet don’t Mix

So, when we moved into our new house, there was hideous carpet everywhere. You can see it in the numerous posts about the different rooms from when we were moving in. One of the first things we did, even before we moved in, was replace the carpeting. I wanted to just do carpeting in bedrooms […]

Stripping Stone & Our Redone Living Room

THE RESULT First things first, here are our before and after photos: Brick and stone stripped, new carpet in and the paint is done! Ignore the plastic wrap on the beam, it was protecting our new stain job from splashing. Just a few small things left: polycrylic on the beam, sealer on the stone and […]


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