Our Pavers Finished!

Our paver project was finished today! This project has been really important for trying to get our water issues back under control. Also it was the only spot in our yard that I couldn’t get to grow grass properly. The project wasn’t really planned for today, but my brother-in-law was looking for something to do […]

The First Stage of Pavers

Part of the effort to a) reduce water coming into the house and b) make everything look nicer outside, is putting pavers outside around our sidewalk. Before I noted that our sidewalk area was flooding awkwardly and wasn’t growing grass in our post Our Landscaping Fun. So, I shopped around and found pavers that I liked […]

The Ups and Downs of Flowers

Every time that we go outside it’s like a new yard. One of the first surprises, even before the majestic lilac bush/tree, was this large bundle of tulips just outside of our side door: After the lilac tree, the next surprise was a few rose bushes. One of them is nice and normal, pink roses. […]

My Small Gardening Project

I love cooking, so I thought that I would try my hand at some minor gardening. When the snow melted, these lovely planters surfaced. It seemed like such a waste not to use them. They are by the patio, just outside the door that comes out from the dining room. I decided to plant some […]


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