DIY Mirror Wall Art

This is a project that has been in progress even longer than the tiling has, if you believe it. I started it last summer, when we were just finishing painting the cabinet doors for our guest bathroom. I didn’t finish it until yesterday… so… yeah. After finding an unbelievable deal on some bright green paint […]

Nightmare Phase Two: Laying Tile

Well, it’s about time I finally do this post. We actually completed laying this tile in November, but I kept putting off doing this post, because if I wrote it I would feel obligated to actually start grouting. Since the grouting finally started last weekend, I may as well get this post out there in […]

Nightmare Phase One: Pouring Self-Leveling Concrete

So it’s finally time for me to begin the series of trials that we had to brave in order to successfully install the new tile floor in our living room. First up, subfloor preparation. I.E. pouring self leveling concrete. I.E. a messy, repetitive hell. Now, you may not need to do much extra work to […]

DIY: Farm Table

So, my husband and I are an engineer and a designer respectively. So, what that means for us in relation to getting projects done on the house is that we grossly underestimate the amount of time that it will take (very typical of engineers) and we procrastinate until we find that we have to go […]

DIY Modern Dresser

It has been quite a while since I’ve done a blog post. About three weeks, I think. I don’t actually know because although I’m currently signed into my blog, I’m still too lazy to check, so there you go. There are a few projects that we’ve been working on. My future sister-in-law came up a […]

Our Pavers Finished!

Our paver project was finished today! This project has been really important for trying to get our water issues back under control. Also it was the only spot in our yard that I couldn’t get to grow grass properly. The project wasn’t really planned for today, but my brother-in-law was looking for something to do […]

DIY House Numbers

Our house’s address is kind of strange. Our house sits on the corner of two roads. Our driveway, mailbox and front door all face one road, but our address is technically on the other road. It’s pretty confusing for people who come and visit for the first time, and delivery people, especially since we have […]


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