Surviving the Polar Vortex

Soooo… I haven’t updated in a long while. A very long while. There’s been a few things going on, but not really much work on the house. And really, it’s just been too damn cold. Now, I know there are places where it’s been colder than here in Michigan, but I don’t care. I don’t live in those places. I live in this one. And this one has sucked badly enough for me, thank you very much.



These are the only pictures that I got before the melting began, but these were taken before a lot of the snow came in. I didn’t really think to get too many pictures before we had highs in the mid thirties for the last couple of days, and then a high of 50 today, but imagine about an extra foot-ish of snow on top of what’s shown in these next photos. Obviously, wading outside to take pictures wasn’t my top priority until there was a glimmer of hope in me that someday spring would come.



Fancy Pants has just started wanting to wander outside again. However, as her delicate paws must not come in contact with snow of any sort, she only does little circles around the house then runs back inside.


Honestly, we were fairly lucky in that we only lost power once since it’s gotten a bit colder. We finally broke and bought a generator when that happened, so hopefully, no more power outage nightmares for us! *looking around desperately for some wood to knock on*

snow4 snow5 snow6

Well, we have done a couple of things, so I’ll be doing a few posts in the next week or so to talk about them, then hopefully I’ll finish grouting the living room this week and I’ll finish the Nightmare Trilogy! Also we’ll finish the living room and be able to feel emotions other than hatred and frustration when we’re in there.


Tell me your opinions and ideas!

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