Our Guest Bathroom Trim and Décor

So the guest bathroom has been a project that we do parts of, work on something else, then come back and do something else, move on, come back, rinse and repeat. But we’re finally done. The last post showed the finished painting except for the trim and the doors and any kind of décor. Well guess what?! We finally finished all of that before our Thanksgiving dinner. So here are some photos to prove it.

Work gloves and an orbital sander sitting on a half sanded door.

The doors needed to be sanded before I painted them. One side of one door took me around two hours. Maybe a little more due to me continually singing and dancing to the 90’s Alternative station on Pandora. I did all of the sanding with an orbital sander. This maybe took a bit longer than using a belt sander, but I was able to have more control over the outcome. I wanted to make sure not to sand away the lovely veneer. Less important for these doors since I intended on painting them, but when I saw how nice they could look I realized that I could sand down and stain or just seal the doors in the master bathroom since the veneer is in one solid sheet instead of rows like this door. My original intention was to just paint them white, but I think the natural wood look will be very suitable for in there. Also those gloves were such an awesome buy from Lowe’s at only $9.99. I loved working with them.

Up-close shot of the grain of the sanded door with a paint tray in the background.

This is an up-close look at the door and how nice and clean it got with sanding. I may also have been wasting time because I was hesitant to paint over them…

One painted and one not yet painted door in our garage.

The difference between what they looked like and what they were going to look like after painting. The garage is never a lovely place to take pictures, so excuse the grain.

Both doors painted.

And I finally painted them both. The color looks so much lighter in a room filled with darker colors. They look much darker in our light bathroom.

Our cat Fancy Pants watching from her perch in the shelving.

This is where Fancy Pants likes to sit and watch whatever we’re working on in the garage.

Finished Trim and Décor

And, we went with yellow, white and light gray for our décor. The yellow works so well with light gray and it warms the space up and makes it more welcoming. Let me know what you think!

Finished Trim and Décor

This curtain is just a plain Target deal because, alas, I still don’t sew (and really, after researching, I don’t think I could have made it any cheaper with the large grommets at the top). The curtain rod is another of my DIY Curtain Rods. There will be more of those popping up around the house as the days go on. I was also worried about the doors and trim being too dark, but I think they balance all of the lighter colors very nicely.

Finished Trim and Décor

I always make sure to have reading material on the back of the guest bathroom toilet. Classy, I know. Also, I got a free-standing toilet paper holder because, as you can see in this photo, the one on the wall is too low and awkwardly placed to be really functional.

Finished Trim and Décor

I also got two smaller light gray memory foam rugs for in front of the two sinks. I managed to not get those in the photos at all because I’m awesome like that. I’m still gathering photos to begin my series on tiling the living room floor. I do believe that I will be breaking that project into three posts: Leveling and Prepping our Subfloor, Laying the Tile, and Grouting. Hopefully the first one of those will be posted soon!


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