DIY Modern Dresser

It has been quite a while since I’ve done a blog post. About three weeks, I think. I don’t actually know because although I’m currently signed into my blog, I’m still too lazy to check, so there you go. There are a few projects that we’ve been working on.

My future sister-in-law came up a couple of weeks ago and we began working on the two projects that have been filling up my days. One of these is the ever ongoing guest bathroom. I really am hoping to finish that this weekend. It should have been done by now, but the taping process for the stripes was more time-consuming that even I had thought, and I was expecting it to take hours. Part of the delay was Matt deciding to try to make our own laser level type thing. He ordered a laser pointer that put out a line, and we were waiting to start until that showed up. It still hasn’t shown up. So, I took my handy measuring tape and a pencil and went to town. It took multiple hours over multiple days. But now I just have to paint, so I should be able to do both coats in 1-2 days and just a couple of hours. Then FINALLY I’ll post the results of all of this work.

The other project is this:

This is our dresser before I repainted it and removed the trim

Sorry about the low res image, but I kind of forgot to take an actual before picture, so this is what I’ve got. This is a dresser that we got from my wonderful in-laws. It’s a great solid wood dresser, but, and no disrespect to my wonderful in-laws, not really our design style. There is a wicker-type of inlay on the drawers and some detailing on the edges that is kind of reminiscent of bamboo.

Now, for the last 4-5 months I’ve been working at a modern furniture design website and I kept seeing things that I would love to have. I was looking at this dresser, wondering what I could do to make it more what we wanted. Then, one day at Lowe’s, when I was habitually checking the marked down paint I found this awesome vibrant green gallon marked down to only $5. $5!! So, my plan was hatched and this is the result:

This is our now modern dresser after a fresh coat of paint.

I’m so excited with how it turned out. It really turned out better than I had thought that it would. This is how the process went.

This is the green paint drying on our dresser drawers.

First we painted the green. This is a shot of the drawers after we got the green on there. It took a lot of paint because of all of the wicker. A lot more paint than I thought that it would take. Luckily I got a whole gallon of it. At this stage, Matt also got really nervous because of how yellow the green looks. I told him not to worry because, next to bright white it would look darker, but at this stage he was for sure doubting my brilliance.

This is an up-close shot of our dresser's handle.

Next I did the hardware. For this I did the same process that I did for the DIY Doorknobs. I chose a white gloss spray paint for this. I did three coats over an hour and a half. Then I waited a week for it to fully cure. Then I coated them with a gloss clear coat enamel spray paint. Then I attached them as soon as the rest of the dresser was done.

A closer shot of our newly painted dresser.

Now, I was lucky that the decorative trim was VERY easily removed. It allowed for the form of the dresser to have a more clean, modern look.

A closer shot of our newly painted dresser.

I actually have a plan for that trim I removed as well. Hopefully I’ll be able to post that soonish.

A full shot of our newly painted dresser.

This was a huge success. I’m really excited with how it turned out. The guest bedroom is like my little room full of fun projects that I can do alongside my bigger, more daunting projects. Speaking of daunting projects, hope to have that guest bathroom post done soon!


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