Our Pavers Finished!

Our paver project was finished today! This project has been really important for trying to get our water issues back under control. Also it was the only spot in our yard that I couldn’t get to grow grass properly.

The project wasn’t really planned for today, but my brother-in-law was looking for something to do while his fiance and I painted and Matt sanded our guest bathroom vanity doors (side note: hopefully a post about our finished guest bathroom next week!) So I brought up the fact that we had some outdoor work to be done, and it was absolutely beautiful out, so he thought he’d start it for us.

Luke installing the pavers

We didn’t get too many early pictures, because we weren’t initially planning on it to get finished today. This photo shows the paver base already added to the hole that Luke had dug and the dry-run of pavers was down as well. Matt is getting ready to do the chiseling for the filler spaces.

Jess's drawing of our cat Pixie on an extra paver.

During one of our breaks, Jess decided to draw a chalk picture of our cat Pixie on one of the extra bricks. It’s sitting in a place of honor now near our front door.

Matt using a chisel and hammer to break the pavers along the line that we need.

This is Matt working hard on the stones. With his recent experience, he was able to complete all of the cuts needed without messing any of the pavers up.

The finished product of the rest of our paver design.

And… here’s the finished product. Luke did a great job and it was such a huge help. As you can see below, he was quite proud of himself.

Luke Standing Proudly By His Work

Wonder-Luke. Here are a few more images of the finished paver project. I tried to get them from above.

Our Fully Finished Paver Project

These two photos are taken to show both parts of the project. The one above is from the sidewalk and the one below is taken from our master bedroom window.

Our Fully Finished Paver Project

I may try to add more pictures of the paver project after a couple of weeks when it’s had time to settle and get weathered in. But very excited to have another project done. Thank you, Luke!

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