DIY Floating Entertainment Shelving

Well, it’s been quite a while since I did an update for everybody. As it turns out, we probably need to invest in a generator. We lost power last Friday again, but we didn’t get it back until Tuesday morning. It kind of pushed back anything that we were hoping to get done last weekend, so I didn’t really have a complete blog post to do.

But, we have finally got our living room back into our actual living room. It’s such a huge relief to have it set up back here again. And very awesome to be sitting down here typing this in the morning on a cloudy day and have plenty of lighting to do it by.

So, I’m sure most of you remember that the last time that we lost power, we also had horrible flooding that kind of destroyed our living room. I talked a lot about the power outage that led to it, and the resulting need to tear out the carpet and our plan to add tile flooring. I touched on the fact that we were hoping to do some floating entertainment shelving as well. The reason for this is that our computer and x-box were both sitting essentially on the floor when the water rushed in. When you have a living room that’s in a basement, it will be worth your time and money to make sure that none of your electronics are touching the floor. Even if you think that you’re basement is air-tight, you just never know when some kind of weather catastrophe may happen.

Well, our first step was mounting our TV instead of having it on a stand. We found a really great, inexpensive mount on Amazon.


When we tore down the extra closet in the living room, we ended up with all of the lumber that we needed to create our shelving for the entertainment center. I took some trusty spray paint and got the boards all painted black, however, we’ve since decided that we’re going to repaint them with a heavier, high-gloss black paint so that they look more polished and less amateur. Here’s a quick photo spread of them as we went.








To create our entertainment center, we took measurements of all of the components of our entertainment system: computer, x-box, wii, sound system and cable box. I also took measurements of our current TV, and got the measurements of a larger TV, so that I could be sure that the spacing of the design would work if we decide to upgrade sometime soon. I then took those measurements into Adobe Illustrator and created a design in the style that we were looking for. Matt took my design specs and cut all of the lumber to size, then I painted them all. After that, we screwed everything together.

Now, we decided to do this box type of design because it is stronger, can hold more weight than a standard floating shelf. To attach it to the wall we used IKEA Besta Suspension Rail.

The cords look horrible, but the plan is to get them all running inside of the walls very soon. Either way, having everything set up in the living room again is so nice. It gets hot up on the fourth floor during the day while I’m working, the basement is much nicer.

And, here’s a sneak peak of what the porcelain wood look tile looks like next to the carpet area rug:


I can’t wait to get that installed as well. Hopefully more updates on that soon!


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