Track Lighting in Our Living Room

We’ve been working hard on our currently torn apart living room. One of the updates that we’re doing that I’m most excited about is the addition of overhead track lighting. We priced the lighting we wanted at Home Depot and Lowe’s and just so everybody knows, Lowe’s came in $60 cheaper. So, yeah. Awesome.

Matt decided to do this himself. He’s really proving quite handy to have around. Think I’ll keep him. Here’s him adding some of the track onto the ceiling.


And here is what inevitably happens any time he tries to read instructions:



This is our finished track lighting. I know that this isn’t my best how-to ever, but here’s a nutshell:

Make sure that you know where your joists run and screw your track into them.

Make sure that you know how to install the wiring in the wall and the junction box in the ceiling. If you don’t, either research it very well, or hire someone. These are major safety hazards if they are done incorrectly.

We used LED bulbs on a dimmer switch. If you do that, make sure the bulbs are actually dimmable (this is more important with CFL bulbs, they are not normally dimmable and will get destroyed when controlled by a dimmer switch) and make sure that the switch that you get works with LED bulbs as well.

Enjoy your handywork.

This is our finished product.


Look how proud he looks of his work! Seriously though, this makes such a huge difference in our basement living room. We’re very excited to have actual lighting down there.


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