The First Stage of Pavers

Part of the effort to a) reduce water coming into the house and b) make everything look nicer outside, is putting pavers outside around our sidewalk. Before I noted that our sidewalk area was flooding awkwardly and wasn’t growing grass in our post Our Landscaping Fun. So, I shopped around and found pavers that I liked at Home Depot, then took down the measurements and the prices. Then I made a plan on the computer. Here’s a print out of that plan (note, I’ve only done the smaller side of this plan so far):


After creating the design, we went out and bought all of the pavers that we would need. There were quite a few for doing both sides. 47 small pavers, and 8 of each of the larger sizes. We also bought the paving gravel and some play sand to complete the project.


First, it’s important to note that our plan for these pavers is not for them to be used as walkways. They are to better allow water flow and to hide the fact that grass won’t really grow here. That being said, we were only doing about three inches of compacted gravel instead of six. So I dug down about 5-1/2 inches down for the three inches of gravel, an inch of sand and the 1-1/2 inches for the pavers.


Also important to note, I actually did this work. Matt insisted on taking an action shot of me shoveling.


I filled up that shop vac three times with dirt and gravel. I still hurt today.


Next I laid down the gravel and compacted it with my feet until it no longer shifted under my feet. Then I added an inch of sand and smoothed it out with a section of 2×4.


After that, I laid out the pavers per the plan that I had created beforehand. There were a couple of awkward spaces that we had to use a cut stone to fill. We cut the stones using a chisel to score a line all the way around and then break them.


After that, I poured sand over and swept it into the joints.


I think that it turned out pretty nicely. We’re planning on putting a polymer added sand into the cracks and allowing it to harden, then adding a waterproof sealant. Now I just have to do the larger side. I’m pretty proud of my work too. 😀

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