The Ups and Downs of Flowers

Every time that we go outside it’s like a new yard. One of the first surprises, even before the majestic lilac bush/tree, was this large bundle of tulips just outside of our side door:


After the lilac tree, the next surprise was a few rose bushes. One of them is nice and normal, pink roses.


Two of them are really small and need to be propped up with some stakes. One of them is red, and one is white.



and one of them is a mutant. Seriously, one day I was like “Oh, there are a couple of roses on that bush” and the next I was like “Oh dear God the roses are making a move on the house.” This bush got overloaded so quickly that I had to prune like crazy. There were about two plastic totes full of small white roses that died in the flood the next day.




The other day, we drove home and saw these beautiful irises. At least I think that’s what they are anyway. I don’t actually know that much about flowers being terrified of bees and all…



And just to show you guys why I married him, this is a shot of one of my Christmas presents from Matt:


There’ll actually be a cupcake post coming up in the next day or so as well. I know some of you want to get your hands on my Chai Spice Cupcakes 😉


4 thoughts on “The Ups and Downs of Flowers

  1. Those are actually orange lilies (sometimes called day lilies or ditch lilies), not irises!

    And I totally feel you on the yard surprises! So far we’ve had roses, daffodils, some tiny white and purple unnamed flowers (not sure what they are – I only know the names of what’s used in a floral shop for the most part) and even a calla lily! The yard is continuing to surprise me as time goes on – I think once we hit the two year mark of being here, we’ll have a better idea of what’s going to keep popping up and what we should consider planting for the future.

    Hope you got all your flooding stuff taken care of and I hope you and Matt are doing well!!

    • Thanks for letting me know that those are lilies! I know literally nothing about flowers. It’s really exciting to buy a house and be surprised every few weeks that we go outside. We have another yard surprise that I’m going to post today or tomorrow too!

      Have you and David been enjoying life in, Seattle? You guys are in Seattle, right? I frequently get Seattle and Portland confused…. I have no idea why…

      • Totally didn’t notice this until just now – it never sent me an email about a comment like I requested… But yes! We are LOVING it here! I think there are honestly 2 things I dislike about living here. One is because there is no harsh winter, the place is crawling with spiders everywhere and every time I mow the lawn, I inevitably get spiderwebs across my face/throat/arms. I don’t think I’ll EVER get used to that. The other thing I really dislike is our lack of thunderstorms :C I miss them! But at least they don’t wake me up late at night anymore! We haven’t been as hands on as you two on the home projects but looking at what you and Matt are doing definitely makes me want to do more! Loving this blog!

      • Well, that’s good and bad and I’m happy that you like the blog! We also have some crazy spiders here. They make crazy funnel webs and are super fast… But not faster than our ShopVac….

        I’m glad that you guys are a bit luckier in not having flooding and other stuff to deal with. I really hope to be able to post more of the fun, design/art projects that I have planned, but I just haven’t been able to get to them because of the crazy projects that have to come first…

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