DIY Curtain Rods

So, Matt and I have never really done the curtain thing. In college, all of our apartments had blinds when we moved in to them, and it seemed like an extremely inappropriate allocation of funds to invest in drapes. After all, guests at our parties tended to appreciate booze more than home furnishings. But, that was quite a while ago and while our guest still love booze, we no longer like the blinds everywhere in our house. They’re quite effective, but we prefer to allow some light to come through without having to worry about pesky things like wearing pants.

So, first things first, what do we like? Well, that’s easy. We like the more modern straight lines. We like the top of the curtains to either have large metal grommets or chunky loops for attaching.


Matt has decided that its time for me to get in touch with my womanly side and look into making curtains myself. I told him that was a great idea! I’ve been excited to try out some of this fabric glue I bought because lord knows that I’d kill myself with a sewing machine. Anyhow, I go to the store to decide what rods we should buy and HOLY HELL?! Why the hell are these things so expensive?! So, before the curtains, I decided I was going to see if I could make some rods that were reasonably priced and in a stye that we liked.

First, the actual rod. I kept looking at different things. Long wooden dowels, galvanized piping, concrete rebar. Nothing seemed really worth it. Either too expensive, or too ugly. Then, I found the most amazing thing in Home Depot. The electrical conduit aisle. 1/2″ diameter, 5 feet long, and only $1.70. Oh, yeah. That’s right. Here’s the proof:


This is the perfect length for our windows. Err… width. This the the perfect length of conduit for the width of our window. That’s it. So, moving on to the holder for it. The type of curtain rod bracket that I’m looking for I found online for $9 each.  I got it down to about $2 a pair for one’s that I made myself. They look about the same. Seriously! Here’s a link to them. You are more than welcome to compare my work.

I don’t have images of the individual parts that made up the connector, but it was a 2″ L-bracket and a hook like conduit connector. This is the one that I bought. This is the one that I suggest that you buy. Otherwise you’ll have to do this:


Anyhow, After assembling all of the parts that I needed for painting, I painted them. Like this:


This is my good ole trusty lawnmower paint box. You may remember him from such thrilling specials as “Painting Doorknobs“. This was what my final results were after painting the rod, the bracket, and then putting it up.



The final appearance of this hardware is more than acceptable. Again, here is the link to the bracket that I was trying to recreate.



Now, it’s important to note, that we haven’t really decided if we want some kind of decoration tidbit on the ends of the rod. If we decide that we want to add something, it will be very simple. I’ll update if we do, but I assume that we would use either some kind of adhesive (if we’re lazy) or set screws going into whatever to keep it in place. If we’re being totally honest, probably adhesive.

I was super excited to start and finish this project this weekend. I never do that. Really. Wonder why I haven’t posted more updates about the guest bathroom? Well, there’s a hint. Of course, now Matt’s ready for me to begin sewing curtains… We’ll see how that goes. Let me know what you think!

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