My Growing Garden

So, I just planted some things in cute planters outside a couple of weeks ago. I’ve been trying to make sure that they’re watered enough, not watered too much and, well, that’s about it I guess. But, look at what they’ve been doing! (Sorry about the fuzzy pictures, it’s so humid out that when I went out for pictures my camera lens fogged up a bit.)


My cilantro has grown so tall! I made delicious homemade guacamole last night using it, and Matt made delicious fajitas. I’m thinking about adding a recipe’s section on here… What does everybody think? I’d do cupcakes and other food… Let me know! Also, look at all that adorable and to-be-delicious basil that’s coming up below. At least I hope that it’s basil. That’s what I planted there, but there are random things sprouting as well.




And look how big this zucchini has gotten!!! In two weeks it’s gotten huge! I can’t wait until I get those telltale blossoms. I’m excited to try a stuffed/fried zucchini blossom recipe. If I do, I’ll be sure to post it!

There may also be some sprouting poblano peppers in the zucchini pot. I’m not actually expecting peppers this year though. I started them way late and I just used seeds from a poblano pepper that I got from the store and made delicious jambalaya with.

Tell me your opinions and ideas!

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