My Small Gardening Project

I love cooking, so I thought that I would try my hand at some minor gardening. When the snow melted, these lovely planters surfaced. It seemed like such a waste not to use them. They are by the patio, just outside the door that comes out from the dining room. I decided to plant some poblano peppers and some zucchini in the far planter, and some cilantro, basil and garlic chives in the closer one.


This is a close-up of the cilantro that I already had going that I transplanted into this planter. It seems to have enjoyed the recent rain more than I have.


This is the grumpy face that I get every time that I go outside and don’t let Fancy Pants out with me. Though she does love that our storm door is glass all of the way to the floor so she can sit and stare out at me judgmentally. Also, our door clearly needs some work, just ignore that.


One thought on “My Small Gardening Project

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