OMG Raccoons in the Walls

Seriously, if you’re planning on buying a house for the first time, you should probably not sign up for the “No-Holds Barred Home Ownership Package” like we did. Horrendous flooring, flooding that leads to 2AM water bailing, hideous wallpaper and now, a hole in the roof that let some noisy neighbors and their kids into our walls.

Our last week has been filled with the joyous experience of trying to get raccoons out of our attic. And our walls. And off our roof. We called Andy at A & M Varmint Removal Services in Lake Orion, and he was amazing. Seriously, he talked me through everything he was doing, why he was doing it and he let me take pictures while he was doing it for the blog. He also listened attentively to all of my concerns and took every concern I had into consideration while deciding what he was going to do. Here is a little photo timeline since Tuesday morning:



This is mama raccoon. We caught her in this trap using sardines on Tuesday morning. She was really funny in the trap. She wasn’t really angry. She was probably scared, but more mischievous. Every time that I saw her in the cage from afar, she’d be reaching around, looking for weak points and trying, intelligently, to get out. When I came near, she would stop and just look at me like “What? I’m just so sad and innocent.”



These are the holes that Andy had to put in our closet ceiling and wall to get to the babies.


These are where the babies were in our wall. They were actually at the bottom of the closet wall and they couldn’t really climb up. Andy said that they were probably between 8-10 weeks old. So that’s how long we’ve probably had a hole in our roof. Awesome.


Kind of blurry, but this is an up close shot of the first baby that we pulled out. He’s got a little drywall dust on him, but he was safe, and happy to get in the towel lined tote.


And here are the four babies, safe and happy. It seriously took all of my willpower to not demand that Andy leave them with me. They were too cute. And they sounded so cute. I’m kind of a sucker for cute small animals.

Well anyway, now Matt just needs to replace that bit of drywall and we need a roof guy to patch up the hole and we should hopefully be good to go!

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