DIY Pan Rack

So, this is a kinda DIY project. It’s one of Matt’s babies. We have some really nice pots and pans that we paid way too much money for and it seems like a shame to hide them away in a cupboard. We’ve wanted a suspended pots and pans rack forever, and we decided that this was a good time to try it out.

This was a fairly straightforward project. We bought this shelf and the S hooks at IKEA. We bought steel cable, ferrule connectors and heavy duty ceiling hooks from Home Depot, and Matt strung it all up. We’re not sure that we’re happy with how it is now.



We may switch it around so that we’re actually using it as a shelf just above where our magnetic knife rack is and have the pots and pans hanging there. We would have to relocate the knives, but we would have the added usability of the shelf above the pans. Any opinions?

6 thoughts on “DIY Pan Rack

  1. Maybe use stainless chain 4 s hooks, 4 chains, 4 screw eyes as the suspension system. What was the name of the ikea shelf.

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