New Homes are Full of Surprises!

Luckily, some of them are simply wonderful. Beautiful even. This one even smells amazing. That’s right, we have a lilac bush in our front yard. Our incredibly nice neighbor has even informed me that it’s full of tree frogs in summer (I’m perhaps more excited about this than I have any right to be…)

However, it’s not just that we have a lilac bush. It’s that we have a 20ish foot tall lilac tree-bush. Check it out!


This is a shot of our front yard from our little patio.


This is a shot into our lovely neighbor’s yard. He tells me this lilac tree-bush been around since at least the 1970’s.


And this is a view looking toward our house. That’s our little patio surrounded by cute bushes. Our front yard is pretty alright, but our side yard and back yard are completely over-run by dandelions, thistle and crab grass. We’re experimenting with different week killers right now. I’m also hoping to start a little vegetable garden. But we’re sooo busy inside that I’m not sure whether I’ll be able to this year. Maybe more updates on that soon.

2 thoughts on “New Homes are Full of Surprises!

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