Updates Since We’ve Moved In

Well, we’ve been moved in for around 3-4 weeks. I’ve been meaning to get some more pictures up, but I really wanted to show it at it’s best, which takes weeks of unpacking and cleaning. Then having huge, drunken housewarming parties, which lead to an extreme need of more cleaning. So after cleaning I remembered to shoot a couple of photos so that I would remember to do this post.

First, I’ve painted the accent wall in the dining room. Here are the before and after photos of that:



It’s really warm and bold, and it’s a great site to see anytime we come home. I’ve also painted the breakfast nook:



I’m happy with the paint job, but still trying to decide if I want to leave both walls yellow, or make one of them white again… Any suggestions?

We’ve also been working on the guest bathroom. I’ll post a before picture here, but since we’re not done yet, I’ll just post pictures of the progress that we’ve made.





This room has taken so much time, and we’ve got so much left to do. We’ve removed all of the floral wallpaper (that took so long!),installed new light fixtures, and begun our painting process. Those stripes will go around all of the walls in the bathroom. It’s a very time-consuming process of measuring out where the grey goes and painting both coats of that. Then measuring out again and taping the vertical lines for the white. This takes a lot of time so that you ensure that the measurements and taping are accurate.

We’ve already purchased our new cabinet hardware, but we will be painting the vanity a very dark grey that you can see in the first after picture. I still need to paint the trim and the doors, then we’ll move onto the master bath!

Tell me your opinions and ideas!

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