Our New Living Room!


This is the living room. It’s in the basement area of the house and that dark green carpet and scant window really make the room feel like a cave. We’re planning on putting in light carpet. But the most painful thing for me to see in this room is that the brick and stone fireplace has been painted white. It literally breaks my heart. So, with a lot of Peel Away, a lot of scraping and scrubbing, and a fair bit of cursing, we’re going to get that all stripped as well. So, with my trusty Photoshop and a goal in mind, here is the same picture but with our plans for the room shown:


Obviously we’re hoping to change the carpet and strip the fireplace (these colors are taken from the samples of stripping that we’ve already done). I’m also hoping to take down the paneling on the walls because it is too much when added with the fireplace wall. Since we can’t remove the paneling above the fireplace, we’re hoping to paint in stripes to make it less like paneling and more an accent to the room. The black lines on either side of the fireplace are actually floating shelves as well. Our furniture is dark brown, so we’re thinking that the mocha wall color will look great with the carpet and the couch. We’ll post the actual progress as we make it.

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