Our New Dining Areas!




So this is our new dining room and breakfast nook. We have multiple projects lined up for these area’s but there’s no denying that the bones are good. The flooring is an old laminate that is starting to show a lot of wear, but it’s alright for a short time. Now, I love exposed brick. That’s the thing about this house that won me over. It’s gorgeous and I’m so happy that we don’t have that much work to do on that area except for in the living room (that post to come very soon… *sigh) Well, here again are some Photoshop images of the things we’re hoping to do in these rooms:



We’re hoping to bring the kitchen colors into the dining areas. We’re also going to replace the laminate flooring with hard strand bamboo flooring. Not too big of changes. Though there are going to be table and lighting projects that will be posted in the future.

Tell me your opinions and ideas!

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